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The soft stretchy design and feel of this blanket, mixed with the gorgeous husky fur design makes this blanket one of the most comfortable and sought after blankets we make. Cuddling up with this blanket may feel like hugging a fluffy husky dog, but it’s actually made with 100% polyester fibers. The fabric fibers are 15mm long which creates the perfect fluffy blanket with the softest plush and airy feel you can only dream of - until you wrap up in this blanket. ;)


Please note that during the process of sewing these blankets the fabric is cut while it is stretched and not relaxed/ruched. This means that while the blanket is laying flat it will have a beautiful ruched/ruffled look to it and therefore be shorter than the dimensions ordered. However, while usuing the blanket to keep warm it will stretch to the ordered dimensions. 

Please keep this in mind when ordering this speacial blanket and order a size longer or shorter according to your needs/desires.  

Husky Hugs

$109.00 Regular Price
$81.75Sale Price
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